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Frontiers in Materials from Basic Science to Real time Applications

March 13-16, 2019: CNMS, JAIN University, Ramanagra, Bangalore Rural, India
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March 13-16, 2019

CNMS, JAIN University*

Kanakapura Road, Ramnagra District

Bangalore Rural 562112, India

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F2MD-2019 welcomes all the participants interested in sharing their Expertise, Knowledge and Innovative Ideas at CNMS, Jain University, Bengaluru.

Two-Dimensional (2D) layered materials (Graphene, Metal chalcogenides, MXenes, Borophene, Silicene, h-BN, Graphyne, Phosphorene etc.) have attracted tremendous attention and led to a prosperous development in both fundamental investigations and advanced technological applications in nanoelectronics, flexible devices, solid lubricant, sustainable energy, and catalysts etc. 2D- layered materials research has been significantly aided by advancements in precise controlled synthesis in large-scale homogeneous and heterogeneous growth of these materials with crystallinity control. With the recent advent, an experimental guide for various spectroscopic, microscopic and electronic characterization for the single- layer-thick materials, the electronic structure of the single layer/homo- or heterostructures, various methods to tune their electronic properties by manipulating the surface, are crucial and the key interest for the researchers throughout the globe. 

The 4-day conference will comprise interactive lectures with case studies, hands-on sessions, demonstrations of real-time analysis aimed to accelerate the understanding of advanced characterization techniques and data analysis skills . 


Manuscript submission is open from March 01, 2019.

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